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You’re looking for an innovative way to put your organization or brand in the spotlights. You want to be challenged to think across borders about marketing and communication. To enrich your story. To create convincing impact. To take people on a journey to unforgettable experiences that will be talked about for a long time to come. Experiences which are there to stay.

You will make that happen. Because we challenge you to think in new dimensions. To present your organization or brand in groundbreaking audiovisual presentations. To see every inch of every room or location as a stage for your communication. We challenge you to experience that at the level at which we deal with video mapping, motion graphics, virtual and augmented reality technology. To discover that really nothing is impossible.

Video Mapping

Projecting still and moving images onto literally any surface. It can be done. Whether it’s a truck, a ship, an apartment building, the entrance to your office or the Palace on Dam Square: with our specific creative ability and our high-end technology we ensure that you impress your audience in a way they’ll never forget.

LED Content Creation

Innovative display technologies, such as LED, add a distinctive mark to presentations at trade fairs, shows and product launches. This requires innovative content though, that goes beyond what is usual. We produce that content, either completely new or based on existing content. We create interactive experiences for your brand using versatile technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. Produced in-house in one of our greenscreen (film and TV) studios and finished in our post-production studio.

Motion Graphics Design

2D motion graphics. 3D motion graphics. Extremely complex or nice and simple. Whatever it is and however you want to show it, we make it interesting and fun to watch. In doing so, we go beyond just playing back pre-produced content. With innovative software we can also offer real-time motion graphics. If necessary, we combine them with pre-produced content. And in no time, we also animate logos, bumpers and titles for any kind of presentation.

Augmented Reality

The virtual world of augmented reality literally has no boundaries: the possibilities to enrich stories with photorealistic 3D visualizations are endless. We create, also in co-creation, new realities, go beyond imagination and bring fantasies to life. We do this by quickly and efficiently developing original concepts and producing them with high-end real-time 3D technology at broadcast-level quality.

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