Digital and Virtual
Event Experiences

You want to inform, inspire and connect people anywhere in the world. You want them to interact, get to know each other, engage in conversation, share knowledge and ideas and exchange stories. You want to entertain people with information in a dynamic way. To generate true and long-lasting engagement you need an event with maximum impact.

With maximum reach. With maximum involvement. And with measurable participation. Hence a digital, virtual or hybrid event. Developed by specialists and enriched by professionals with high-tech applications that make it more exciting, more entertaining and more effective than a traditional live event. As a result, it has a lasting impact on your organization or brand. And leaves an indelible impression on everyone you reach.

Interactive Webinar Platform

Presenting your story clearly, logically and impactfully. Increase conversion to marketing activities with smart tools. And keep control of how your brand is experienced. With our webinars, web-based seminars and interactive live broadcasts – from our in-house corporate, boardroom or virtual studios – you bring your story to your target group in an incomparable way. Within a personalized and secure platform developed in-house, you determine who watches the broadcast. Live, pre-recorded or accessible on request. More information

Virtual Live Event Platform

The ready-made online platform connected to one of the virtual live event studios enriches the experience of a virtual event, developed in-house or by third parties, at lightning speed with the lifelike interaction between presenter and audience. Keynote speakers and the audience are streamed to the studio where they are visible to the presenter and are available for real time interaction. The presentation experience is pure reality thanks to the real stage, the dynamic LED floor and back wall and the application of a unique virtual augmented reality layer. Prior to the event, guests are welcomed in the virtual event lobby: a virtual environment with chat and video facilities and a download center.

Customized Virtual Event Platform

This fully adaptable technology platform offers us and your event agency, in combination with the greenscreen studio, complete freedom in designing, organizing and rolling out a virtual or hybrid event. An event in which we bring your brand DNA to life as an expressive, custom made and personalized virtual experience. Your marketing objectives are the starting point for the way in which intelligent creativity and high-end technology come together in a tool with unlimited possibilities: VOD, international live connections, breakout sessions and content sharing and real-time interaction between speakers and visitors. All aimed at connecting and inspiring in a sustainable and lasting way.

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