Concept and
Story Design

The ambition: to tell the world an authentic and impactful story in a high-profile way. A story that fascinates, inspires and that you won’t let go. That is credible and convinces people. How do you fix that? With high-end concepts for video and digital and virtual events that transform your message into a unique story on the level of wonder and desire.

A newsreel, talk show, online event; it is conceived, developed and made by storytellers who link their talent and knowledge to advanced digital technology. To identify, interpret and transform your ambition into a magical experience.


Storytelling plays a big-time part in marketing strategy and brand communication. In fact, the story of your brand starts with the beginning of your company, it makes clear why you exist and where you want to go. To make storytelling matter – to make sure that your stories grab attention for your brand, services or products, to make sure that they increase sales – you need to maintain an entertaining dialogue with your market. We develop, create and distribute relevant and authentic video content. And offer creative total concepts for digital and virtual events. So that ambitious brands can distinguish themselves. With high-profile, fascinating and inspiring stories that magically add that special something to your brand.

External Communication

You strive for transparency with customers and stakeholders. You want to enforce your strong brand image. You want people to recognize your vision and values. You aim for thought leadership. So, you have a strong story to tell. The way you tell this story – it’s format, it’s look and feel, it’s visual impact – defines how your audience will embrace it. We made it our strength to take this story, your story, to a next level playing field. With striking video concepts, executed with high end digital technology.

Strategy as a Service

Let employees experience your corporate strategy. Show them and make them feel what your organisation stands for. And where it’s heading. With a dynamic, effective and continuous form of communication and interaction. Because Strategy as a service is a digital experience that brings corporate strategy to life in the form of a TV format, a talk show, newsreels or any other format that works best for you. With a lasting effect: more involvement of employees in the organisation and management.

Employer Branding

You want to captivate and bind employees and potentials. You want to make them familiar with the culture of your organisation. With the values you stand for. And the goals that your organisation aims for. We make that culture, values and ambition tangible. Empathetic. With a video format that tells a story that appeals to the imagination. Which inspires, challenges and invites. What seduces people with the right capacities to move into your direction to take the next step towards the future.

Internal Communication

Everything is communication. Internal communication is everything. And makes all the difference. Your employees want to understand your goals, your roadmap for getting there. You want them to advocate your brand values in all possible ways. And the both of you appreciate transparency. With customised video formats we bring exactly the right energy into internal communication: more dynamics, more impact, more involvement.

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